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A New Brand of Madness

by James Hayes | Field Pass

Minor League Madness and Field Pass are excited to announce a new partnership that will push Minor League Madness to a new level that you didn’t know you needed.

Minor League Madness will be bringing minor league hockey fans all the must see content they crave. This includes analysis on highlight reel plays, the big hits you may have missed, intriguing on and off-ice events, and much much more!

In addition to all that great content, Minor League Madness will bring hockey fans the stories from behind the scenes, player and fan interaction, and player stories from the players themselves.

The goal of Minor League Madness is to fill the void of coverage at the lower levels of professional hockey. We want to highlight the hard work and dedication that these players put in, all while having fun with it and breaking away from the traditional model of sports media.

Minor League Madness was started during COVID in April of 2020 by Brayden Low. Brayden felt like the minors needed its own platform, own voice, and representation from the players. Over the past few years, Minor League Madness has tried to capture some of the lighter moments as well as showcase how good the hockey is. With the announcement of this new partnership with Field Pass, the sky is the limit, so hop on and join us on this journey through the minors!

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